Marryanne Brisbane Unlock Your Love Code

27 Feb 2015 9:51 AMJulie KayMarryanne Brisbane Unlock Your Love Code

Dear Julie,

When we crossed paths 7 years ago, I was going through the most traumatic time of my life. Coping with divorce turned out to be harder than I thought, after 20 years of marriage. I hit rock bottom, BIG TIME!!! No anti-depressant drug could numb my pain.


Sue-Anne SA

12 Feb 2015 6:30 PMJulie KaySue-Anne SA

I am so grateful for julie’s authentic and gentle guidance. The many ah ha and light bulb moments have given me a deeper loving understanding of myself and all my relationships in my life. I am excited and open to experiencing life changes to enable me to live a soulful and loving life. With love and gratitude Julie.


Kylie SA

12 Feb 2015 6:29 PMJulie KayKylie SA

I was able to understand my soul lessons and learn to accept me for me and take responsibility for myself. I was able to embrace the fact that everyone has free will and I can’t change anyone but me. With the workshop I was not only able to find a friend in me but found friends within the group who understood and supported me. I definitely feel that this workshop has helped me and changed my life. I look forward to seeing myself grow and evolve into my authentic self. Kylie


Lea-Anne QLD

12 Feb 2015 6:27 PMJulie KayLea-Anne QLD

I had a lot of emotions going on and I wasn’t sure why this was happening until Julie explained the soul lessons. I could then see my blockages and a pattern that had been recurring over many years, my life time really. I now have knowledge to go forward it is so amazing. Highly recommend this training to all. Lea-Anne photo


Karen Low Gold Coast QLD

12 Feb 2015 6:17 PMJulie KayKaren Low Gold Coast QLD

I’ve had two longer term relationships in my life, one in my 20’s and one in my 30’s, however, I haven’t had a relationship or dated for the past 5-6 years. I’ve had more than my fair share of relationship nightmares and immense heartbreak over the years and I kept attracting similar men into my life.


Wendy QLD

12 Feb 2015 6:04 PMJulie KayWendy QLD

Dear Julie, I cannot believe it! After years of making mistakes that have left me with relationship battle scars, I have finally released myself from my torturous mouse wheel.


Toni QLD

12 Feb 2015 6:00 PMJulie KayToni QLD

HEY Julie, I really enjoyed your course, it instilled confidence in myself and made me think about what I really wanted in my life. I remember printing out “The attitudes of Love” and sticking them inside my wardrobe and every morning when I got dressed I would say all the affirmations! I felt like I was it out there to the “UNIVERSE” but also reassuring myself that I would be okay. Hugs Toni.

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