Direct Life Force Therapy

DLF Therapy is an intuitive energetic healing modality fully recognised with the International Institute of Complementary Therapists. Therapists channel energetic healing directly from the divine life force (DLF) along with the powerful kundalini energy of mother earth to help facilitate energetic balance and healing. Therapist follow the main energy centers of the body and their own intuition to guide them to any areas that require healing.

Mission Statement - Julie Kay DLF Therapy

The Mission of Julie Kay and DLF Therapy is to provide a professional energetic healing modality which is supportive and compassionate to the needs of all clients. The focus of DLF Therapy is to help facilitate healing and promote wellbeing in all our clients on the energetic levels of mind, body and soul.


DLF Therapy Healing Information and commonly asked questions

Where does the healing come from?

DLF Therapy is a channelled healing modality. The purpose to connect directly to the source of our own Life Force Energy...the Divine life force or creator and the powerful energy of kundalini for the purpose of helping and healing. Other high vibrational entities and beings of light can also join in on a healing session to help facilitate the healing process. The healer is nothing more than a medium used to conduct and facilitate the energy exchange. The source of the healing energy, the higher entities who help and the patient’s own subconscious soul connection is the true source and power of any energetic healing session.

Distant healing versus in person, is one better than the other?  I believe both healing sessions are as powerful as each other. As the healing is facilitated by a higher consciousness the medium does not need to be present. The healing will continue for approx 24-48 hours after the initial channel and therefore the healing will continue especially while you sleep. It is important not to drink alcohol or take other stimulants during this time and drink plenty of water. Your normal medication and supplements are absolutely fine and will not interfere with a healing session.

What can I experience after a healing session? You may feel drained of energy especially if you were quite stressed prior to the healing. It is natural process to bring your energy back into balance and this can have the effect of feeling flat or drained for approx. a 12 hour period. If you feel the need to sleep...sleep, this is the best way to help the energy healing process along. After this you should feel better than ever.

You may experience involuntary twitches or muscle spasms as your body works on re-aligning itself. You may experience a heighten intuitiveness and should pay attention to any dreams or messages that just pop into your subconscious at this time as the higher entities will try and give you guidance and direction. You may feel the need to do something that enhances your life or cut out of particular food from your diet, these are just a couple of examples of listening to your higher self at this time. Your soul vibration and the entities always know what you need...if you are prepared to listen.  You may experience short periods of feeling overly hot or cold. When the energy is hot it is working on your subconscious emotional connection and wellbeing and when the energy is cold it is working on the intellect and your physical connection and wellbeing.

When you request a healing it is quite common for whatever needs to be healed to be bought to the surface. This is very common for emotional issues or problems relating to other people. The healing will be beneficial and entities will do their best to release any past emotional baggage. However, if you find all of a sudden you are experiencing and attracting emotional events relating to others via others pushing your buttons, then you are being given the opportunity to heal it on the physical plane as well as the emotional and subconscious plane.

What has DLF Therapy been used for?

Pain Relief and accelerated healing. DLF Therapy has had great success with pain relief and accelerated healing. From period pain to chronic pain suffered by cancer patients, extraordinary results have been achieved. Medical symptoms have improved, been cured or healed faster.

Stress Relief and Energy Detoxing. DLF Therapy patients go into a very relaxed state whilst being treated, patients often fall asleep and others have related the experience to a deep meditative state. The body’s life Force is cleansed whilst in this state and clients feel relaxed and less stressed. In the case of distant healing this process occurs during the next rest or sleep period.

Emotional and Physiological Healing. DLF Therapy can be used to help a patient feel emotionally balanced in a short amount of time. It is not uncommon for somebody who is experiencing an extremely painful emotional state to be brought back to a state of calm in a session. DLF Therapy can be used to enhance the benefits of counselling.

Body Alignment With the power of the Life Force within us, we have the ability to transform and heal on extraordinary levels. It is not uncommon for patients during a DLF Therapy Healing session to feel adjustments and alignments taking place. There are no physical manipulations carried out in a session it is all automatic and random and can often be facilitated by an involuntary muscle spasm or twitch.

Julie Kay and all DLF Therapists through the DLF Therapy code of ethics, do not practice in diagnosing or advising clients on medical issues.  This is left to qualified medical practitioners, our purpose is to offer and facilitate a healing session only. 

Become a DLF Therapist

Julie Kay has been teaching the DLF Therapy Energy Healing technique since 2006. DLF Therapy is now a recognised new healing modality allowing all trained therapists to be covered by insurance and be fully trained in ethical and safe work practises.

If you are a caring person that would like to help others or animals, why not consider becoming a DLF Therapist.

Everyone already has the ability to use this energy for healing and therefore you just need to understand it and learn how to use it. Julie acknowledges that people need to experience to believe, and this training uses a combination of spiritual teachings with powerful practical exercises to help participants do just that.

Julie also helps you understand how to use and enhance your psychic connection so that you can combine the intuitive with your healing abilities.

The DLF Therapy Certificate Workshop

This is a full day of training – 8 hours plus the submission of 3 practical/written assignments.

Participants will receive their certificate on the satisfactory acceptance of all training and assignments and the acknowledgement and acceptance of the DLF Therapy values, principles and code of ethics.

Cost of workshop $799.00

DLF Therapy for Personal Use - Non certificate course

You can also learn the DLF Therapy Energy Healing Technique for personal use. If it is not your intention to charge others for your services you can still do the full day of training - 8 hours for personal use only.

Cost of Workshop $499.00

You will then have 3 months to decide if you would like to complete the course and submit the 3 practical/written assignments and upgrade to the certificate course for an extra $350.00

If you completed the DLF Therapy Workshop prior to June 2013 you will be eligible to upgrade to the new certificate. The upgrade will require a short revision, a review of the new mission statement and code of ethics and 2 practical/written healing assignments. Just contact us to enquire how. 

DLF Therapy

These workshops are also held for private groups, if you would like one in your area please contact us for further information.

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