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New Book by Julie Kay - The Lessons of Love and Life.

Everything you ever needed to know to be happier with yourself and your life has been right there in front of you all along. Your life and its circumstances have been trying to show you what you’re missing every time your emotional buttons are pushed. If you’ve had enough of repeating the same old patterns time and time again, then The Lessons of Love and Life can take you on a deep inner journey through your unique spiritual profile to identify, heal, and change all that is keeping self-love and happiness from you.

The Lessons of Love and Life is the ultimate self-transformational book to assist you in knowing and changing yourself from the inside out. Self-empowerment activist and spiritual profiler Julie Kay will take you on a spiritual journey to awaken you to your soul lessons and the hidden behaviours, emotional filters, and daily patterns that have been affecting your life and relationships.

Be guided in overcoming any lack of self-love. Learn how to consciously connect to your own spirit so that you can become internally guided rather than externally motivated. Learn how to do the inner work necessary to find and execute your purpose in life.

The Lessons of Love and Life is an easy-to-understand book for beginners, yet it’s full of wisdom for the more advanced souls. This is not a “think positive and you will be happy” type of book. It will deeply penetrate the surface of your being to help you reveal and eliminate all that has been negatively impacting your life.

Are you ready for the ultimate inside job?   


Conscious connection is our ability to use our inner soul guidance system to consciously heal and change learnt emotional programs that affect our lives.

Spiritual Profiling is the blue print and profile that helps you identify what these emotional programs are.

When you are consciously connected, you can take charge of your life, your destiny and your happiness and be more intuitive and internally guided.

If we don’t know what to change we can’t make the changes, and if we don’t know why we need to change then we fall back into bad habits.

This workshop is going to help you identify your emotional filter through spiritual profiling and help you understand how this is affecting your life and what is showing up in your life. Then you will learn a few tips on how to start to develop this conscious connection.

Cost $120 This workshop is 3.5hours.

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Since 2006 Julie Kay has taught a range of spiritual development workshops. In 2017 Julie has decided to focus on her passion and not offer the full range of workshops. These workshops will still be available for groups on request. Minimum of 10 people. Cost $90.00 per person paid in advance.

Workshops available

Connect to Loved Ones Passed

Numerology One and Two

New Moon Vision Board Quest

Learn to Channel

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Akashic Records Explored – e class

The Akashic Records are the infinite source of recorded knowledge and history of every thought, feeling and occurrence of life and nature that has ever existed or could exist in the universe. It is often referred to as the DNA of the universe. You can use the akashic records to access past, present and future information, including your past lives.

In this e-workbook Julie Kay will help you understand the akashic records and teach you how you can access them for yourself.

This workbook covers the following:

  • What are the Akashic Records and where do they exist?
  • What can they be used for?
  • What is required to tap into the records?
  • Learning to read Akashic Records


This class is available as an e-class (pdf format). Price $20.00. Your workbook will be emailed to you within 24hrs.


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Calling in Love Meditation

This guided meditation uses binaural technology & NLP processes to guide you to call in and attract what ever you would love in your life right now.


Come along and be soulfully inspired by the Be More Internally Guided, Self-Empowered and Happy Presentation. This wisdom is taken from Julie Kay's book, The Lessons of Love and Life. A book designed to help you identify and listen to your own inner spirit and guidance.

When you do the inner work, you become more internally guided, you see life from a different perspective and you’re no longer reliant on external validation, motivation or the approval and acceptance of others. You power your life from within and you learn to build your confidence and self-assurance from a solid foundation that is no longer easily rocked or affected by others.

Every ticket holder will receive a complimentary copy of the book The Lessons of Love and life – Awakening to self-love and happiness. Published by Balboa Press a division of Hay House.

Julie will talk about what it means to be internally guided and give you some simple strategies to help you on your way.

If you’re ready for change in your life, then the best place to start is within you, and learn to follow your own inner spirit and inner guidance. This presentation is all about what it means to do the inner work, the work many know they need to do but don’t know where to start.

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Join our table of 10 for a fun, enlightening evening with Julie Kay and Debbie Casagrande. Evening includes 2 course healthy dinner and a glass of wine. After dinner Julie and Debbie will share their gems of wisdom for authentic awakening. Meet likeminded people and mingle in the ambience of the CasaGrande Day Spa and Resort. 6.30pm – 10pm. Payment is due on booking to secure your place.

Upcoming Dinner Dates

Sorry we don't have any scheduled for the remainder of 2017


We all have intuition, you just may not realise how to listen to it. In this short presentation Julie Kay will help you identify with your intuition and share with you some easy tips to help you connect more to your inner guidance.  45 min presentation.

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Upcoming presentations

Townsville Spiritual Church 7pm Sunday June 4th


Life after Life Communications Workbook

The spirits of loved ones who have passed try really hard to let us know they are still around, helping and guiding us. I can help you find proof that the spirits of your loved ones, still live on....and the good news…this is really simple and you don’t need psychic ability to start witnessing results!

Life after Life Communication will help you discover the afterlife with…

  • The 7 most common and easily detected things spirits do to let you know when they are around
  • Where your loved one has gone and whether they are happy
  • How spirits can help us in our time of need from the other side
  • Why you don’t need to fear death or things that go ‘bump in the night’ any longer

Easy to understand information, strategies and exercises that are simple to use to witness your loved ones communication with you and how you can learn to communicate with them. An understanding to any unexplained experiences that you may have already had and probably questioned “Was that real or just my imagination?” This newly revised edition is a comprehensive guide to the afterlife and how spirit communication is possible.

Now available as an e workbook (pdf file)

PDF WORKBOOK - Your workbook will be emailed to you within 24hrs of your order. Price $29.99.


or a printed hard copy workbook .Your workbook will be posted to you by Australia Post. Price $39.99 plus postage.


The Universal Law of Attraction – Why isn’t it working for you? – e class

The Law of attraction is a universal law, it is like gravity and so therefore it should work the same for everyone, right? So why aren’t you manifesting everything you desire? This e class explains the theory behind the law of attraction and what it is that’s stopping you from manifesting your desires and dreams and how you can change it.

This class will cover the following:

  • Why the law of Attraction doesn’t work for some
  • What needs to change
  • My formula for the Law of Attraction
  • Exercise; Set the Law of Attraction into action for something you want to attract or achieve


This class is available as an e-class (pdf format). Price $20.00. Your workbook will be emailed to you within 24hrs.