sPIRITUAL PROFILING - The Key to discovering your inner truth

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Spiritual Profiling was first released back in 2008 as a spiritual and emotional profiling technique to help understand a person’s issues from a much deeper perspective. By combining this practise with psychic readings Julie Kay was able to test and enhance this system over the years until it was evident that this system was accurate and had the ability to help people understand why life was happening to them the way it is and give guidance to change it.  

Spiritual Profiling has been featured over the years in Julie Kay's books, workshops, mentoring and Retreats and in 2020 was fully recognised by the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists as a new modality in Aust, NZ, USA and UK.

I am so passionate and excited about this modlity, because over the years I have seen the amazing transformations my clients have been able to make when they finally discover the “Why” to their life. Imagine going through cycle after cycle of relationship heartache with out knowing why and what to do to change it. I have witnessed Spiritual Profiling give my clients those answers so they could finally understand what it will take to break the cycle.

With my team of Spiritual Profilers who are currently learning this practice, we aim to help as many people as we can, finally answer the question “Why is this happening to me”? and give our clients the knowledge and skills to change, attract and create the life they want by healing what is keeping them stuck. It’s been a long journey to get here but we are now ready to make Spiritual Profiling the go to modality for change. Love Julie Kay.


How Spiritual Profiling is helping...

Personal Insight into life’s issues.

A session of self-discovery using spiritual profiling to delve deep into the realm of the subconscious to uncover and highlight any issues and problems that keep repeating and keep you from achieving your desired life. Repeating the same patterns of relationship issues, work and abundance issues and health issues over and over again can be soul destroying. In these patterns of issues there is only one common denominator and that is the self. Therefor the issue lies deep within self and the issue is often hidden behind the minds perceptions of life and reacting and responding to these perceptions. This is not meant to make you feel bad about yourself but awaken and empower you to the understanding that something deep within is causing a resistance and keeping you stuck. If you discover what the resistance is then you can start to make changes and attract and create a life free of the old patterns of issues.

Relationship Mediating

In every relationship be it love or otherwise it is the coming together of quite different people. Different upbringings, different life experience, different learning, and even different cultural backgrounds. Everyone has an incredibly unique lens to perceive life through which gives us different values, belief systems, habits and different opinions. Understanding how a partner perceives life can help you understand from a much deeper level why they are thinking and acting differently to you. Understanding this can help you communicate and respond to a partner with communication that is in alignment with their understanding, beliefs and perceptions which can calm the emotions and open the door to a deeper connection based on mediation, acceptance, communication, and mutual respect.Couple Sessions are a wonderful way to delve deep into the issues of a relationship in a non confronting, non judgemental supportive way.

Business Mediating

Our staff are either our greatest assets or our greatest liabilities. When it comes to choosing staff, it can be exceedingly difficult, and keeping them motivated and working for the business can be even harder again. Spiritual profiling can help you understand your staff members and their emotional perceptions and motivations from a much deeper perspective. Each staff member is unique with different communication skills and needs. When this is not understood only some staff will feel supported and do well and others will fall behind because they don’t feel understood or valued.  Spiritual Profiling can help you discover what different staff members require to stay motivated and working at their highest level. It also helps you know where to adjust your communication skills to ensure staff members feel valued and supported and are happy to thrive and help the business thrive too.  It can also help you determine if someone is right fit for your business.


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Calling in Love Meditation

This guided meditation uses binaural technology & NLP processes to guide you to call in and attract what ever you would love in your life right now.