The Smile with your Hands Project

31 Aug 2021 2:41 PMJulie Kay
The Smile with your Hands Project

Do you believe in and wish for a world of unity and peace? I do, and it is this wish that is behind the reason for everything I do because I believe in a better future for my grandchildren and for humanity. In times like these we can lose hope that this is possible. The world looks like it is going to hell, it looks like life may never return to what it once was.

For many years we have spoken about the change that was coming, the breaking down of old systems so the new could come in. I first wrote about this in my yearly report in 2012.

If we look at life on a personal level, we find that we often have to break down to have a breakthrough and this is what I feel is happening in the world today. It is still up to us as individuals to ensure we connect to the energy of the world we wish to live in by living it in our everyday lives. If we want a world of unity and peace, then find unity and peace in your everyday life first.

I will personally do everything I can to stand for unity, peace and humanity in the highest vibration of love and compassion possible because I know my conscious effort will join the conscious collective of all other efforts to facilitate a change to a better world where everyone thrives As I have previously written, if you don’t know what to do to help or you feel lost and with out hope, then just raise your consciousness to love, faith and trust and that alone creates powerful change. Don’t get pulled into fear, find your hope, faith and compassion that is all you need to do. That is enough, you are enough! It is always dark before the dawn so please don’t lose hope in humanity and each other. Please do not allow differences to turn you against each other.

While walking with spirit in nature the other day, I was given the symbol of peace (two finger peace sign) to bring comfort and support to those in fear. I was told that it could be used to smile at and give support to those who are struggling and whose faces we can not see because they are hidden behind masks. We can let these people know they are not forgotten and loved. by using this international symbol of peace and we can ignite this calling for unity from inside the hearts of many all over the world.

I got home and I started the “Smile with your hands movement”, there is absolutely nothing in this for me or for anyone who participates other than the unconditional love of knowing we are helping make a difference. That is what I believe will make this so powerful.

However, I need help to share this message and get it out to the masses so together we can bring this already recognised international symbol of peace, unity and hope back into vogue.

About the project and how we can all help

I need help to share the message of using this symbol to bring humanity together and I am hoping you can share this message on your social media.

The smile with your hands project asks people to show their fellow man who are wearing masks the peace sign as a way of smiling at a stranger with your hands. A mask does not allow us to connect as we cannot see the facial expression and potential hidden pain hidden behind a mask. A random smile from a stranger has been known to uplift and change a person’s life but with mask wearing this is impossible. The smile with your hands allows people to connect and smile at each other by offering support through the peace gesture where the “V” made by the two fingers represents a smile. Telling those around us subconsciously that we see them and we care.

I ask if you and your friends could start posting selfies with the hashtag #smilewithyourhands showing the peace sign as a way of supporting our fellow brothers and sisters. This can be done individually or in the Facebook group Smile with your hands or both. The group can be found here…

I am happy for you to just share this with your friends or for those who have a business platform I am also happy to be a guest on your social media to explain the project for your following if you need help. I just feel this message that was given by the angels is a wonderful way to reignite the message of unity, hope, victory and peace all over the world.

Thank you for smiling with your hands,

In the deepest gratitude love and light

Julie Kay