Yin/Yang which side are you?

23 Feb 2017 11:45 AMJulie Kay
Yin/Yang which side are you?

Have you ever wondered what the yin/yang symbol really means? The principle of this powerful little symbol is that all things exist as inseparable and contradictory opposites. One side unable to exist without the other and each side is reflecting the opposite in balance.

This is just another way of saying…everything, including you is dual in nature and when one side is not being acknowledged it can really put things out of balance on the other side, to the equal degree. If it is out of balance within you then life will be out of balance outside of you.
The yin/yang energies within us are described as follows; yin-mother, feminine, intuitive, sensitive, emotional and feeling, and yang-father, masculine, strong, confident, intellectual with a powerful, driven mind. I am not referring to gender here as you can be a female who is more dominant in yang energy and a male more dominant in yin energy and vice versa. We are both energies but until they are activated equally, one side will be more dominant in our personality and learning.
Some examples of your yin energy out of balance: You have been experiencing cycles of attracting controlling, dominant people in your life. You’re afraid of standing in your confidence and power, you find it hard to make decisions, you are spiritual and caring but you always keep putting others first to your own detriment. You have dreams but not the belief and confidence to put them into action. You procrastinate and find things to distract you or take you off path. You are very emotional and feel everything. You don’t have control over your thoughts and they run away with you. These examples are telling you may need to bring more yang energy into your life. It would be good for you to work on your emotional sensitivity and bring your mind power into balance by learning to control your thoughts more, and bring them into balance. This will allow you to find your belief and confidence in self.
Some examples of yang energy out of balance: You have been experiencing cycles of attracting people who are overly sensitive, airy fairy or co-dependent. You may be too opinionated, or controlling, too set in your mind and ways and not open to learning or new ideas. You may find emotions uncomfortable and therefore you dismiss them. You may also dismiss them in others which may have others judging you as standoffish, cold or uncaring. You may prefer to keep to yourself rather than deal with emotions of others. You over analyse, or you may have a perfectionist attitude. You need structure and balance and when you don’t have this you may find this difficult. These examples are telling you, you may need to bring some yin energy into your life. It would be good for you to learn to connect more to your emotions and feelings. To learn more about your inner world and your intuition. This will allow you to trust more in the flow of life and connect more to others on a much more open and deeper level.
Until we can balance these energies within ourselves we will mirror this balance through others. Whichever side it is that we are out of touch and out of balance with, will be mirrored and shown to us through those around us. Others are there to bring us into balance and to reflect back to us, what we are yet unable to see.
When you balance these two energies within you, you will become self-actualised. Someone who can be caring, creative, intuitive and comfortable with emotions and feelings but also someone who can stand in their power, plan and have the confidence and strength to make their dreams happen. When you are more like this then others who are also more balanced will show up around you and mirror your balance back to you.
So, do you need to get more of your yin or yang on?
Comment below and let me know what you would like to balance in your life, yin or yang. Putting it out there and sharing, is a great way to acknowledge it within yourself, which is the first step to changing it.
I will start first by sharing with you what I need to work on, it’s my masculine yang side. I am working on being able to master the confidence, strength and planning it will require to take my spiritual profiling system to the next level. I have been too airy fairy, procrastinating in my comfort zone due to a lack of confidence, pride and fear of standing in my power amongst other powerful people. I am working on my mind and clearing the emotional blocks that that I haven’t been acknowledging. I know that acknowledging my own power with confidence is the only way I can make this happen. There you go, if I can be honest and vulnerable, I hope you can too.
Soul hugs xxx