January 2015 Numerology Report

9 Jan 2015 6:46 PMJulie Kay
January 2015 Numerology Report

Happy New Year  2015 is an 8 vibration and this is all about a very important universal law that affects us all on a daily basis. The universal law of attraction. The 8 is the number of alchemy, however spiritual alchemy is not about turning metal into gold, it’s about turning yourself into more of a self-actualized and authentic human being, who is able to connect to your true purpose in life.

What the vibration of alchemy does to the universal law of attraction is it amplifies it. Great news for those who are working in the positive, however those who are not are really going to feel the punch of this vibration. Whatever you’re attracting to you via your thoughts and feelings either negative or positive will come to you quicker than ever before.

The 8 is also all about finances, work, purpose, achievement and direction. If you’re looking for change in any of these areas then 2015 is here to help you find it. To find out more about 2015 just download my free yearly report 2015 The Year of Infinite Possibility from Free stuff in the products to have a look at what’s in store for January 2015…

January is the vibration of the single 1 which is all about individuality, authenticity, new direction, independence, creativeness, intuition and inner reflection.

Given January is also the start of the New Year it is a great time to set your intentions for what you wish 2015 will be and offer you. There is a great little exercise you can use in the above free report. This is also a month where you are given an opportunity to break out of any karmic patterns you have been holding onto including addictions. Whatever it is that you use to tune out of reality on a regular basis is an addiction. This year is not a year to bury your head in the sand, it is a year to break free and use the energy of the 8 and alchemy to help you move forward in life.

It’s also a month to kick off this year’s theme to finally break free from the lies of your limiting beliefs and habits that have you stuck and unable to see your own truth and your own potential. Don’t waste the energy of this month by putting things off till next month. Use this time for inner reflection, connect to your inner world and discover your own truth and your real needs. Your emotions will tell you whether you’re out of balance, if you’re not in a good place, you have some inner work to do.

This month it’s time to evolve out of the need to compare yourself and the need to follow what others are doing. This is the time we are asked to follow our own spirits because we all came here with a specific gift and a job to do. The answer to what that is, is inside of you waiting for you to listen and have the confidence and grace to connect to it and see it through. 

Like it not we are in a spiritual revolution which means people are awakening to their own spirits, they are starting to connect to something within themselves that mystics have known and recognised since the beginning of time. There is a much bigger picture here that you are playing a part in, nothing is random, there is no such thing as coincidence and you have more power over your life when you start to connect to the power that drives you from within. Everyone has access to this gift that is becoming easier and easier to access as time goes by. This is because the more the mass consciousness awakens the more it is in all our awareness and you don’t need to be psychic to understand that if you’re not aware of something you are not going to be able to see or experience it.

The spiritual revolution is all about starting to break free from the grips of the primitive ego thinking of separation that has been the cause of so much suffering, pain and destruction on the planet, and evolving into a much higher consciousness of the heart with oneness, acceptance and love. This shift starts with us as individuals by changing our own life and our consciousness first because we are the only ones we can change. This shift will take time and won’t happen overnight but it will happen, its already happening and you see this everyday with the goodness that surrounds the everyday hero’s in our communities. Everyday heroes are the everyday people who live their lives making a difference for others. The doctors, nurses, teachers, the Morcombes, the person in the street who lends a helping hand to another, the stranger who places flowers on a memorial for someone they don’t even know. So often we only focus on the negative that’s happening it’s time to use the New Year to start to become more aware of the goodness that is happening. This alone can make a huge impact in our own lives and thinking and huge impact to our world.

Have a wonderful January, love, light and hugs.  

Julie Kay

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