Don't be afraid to go your own way....

19 Apr 2017 10:32 AMJulie Kay
Don't be afraid to go your own way....

Is self-belief and lack of confidence and worthiness holding you back then it’s time to find your balance and shine…

Our soul lessons and ego often have us judging, criticising and comparing ourselves, often using others as our yard stick, that little negative voice in our minds can be quite harsh about ourselves at times. Some people even listen way too much to this little voice or allow others to dictate who they should be or how they should act. If you are guilty of any of this then it’s just a reminder that you have lost your connection to self and allowed those wonderful life lessons to get in the way. It’s also a reminder that you are unique, you are incomparable, you have your own values, your own gifts and lessons, and your own way in the world. 

The only thing that will stop you taping into your uniqueness is your soul lessons and they talk to you through your ego, which talks to you through your intellectual mind. The mind that has a perception and opinion about everything. The mind that thrives on the needing to know, that uses judgement to compare and that can only filter thoughts through the past and what it has learnt or knows or perceives to know.

So is it time to step out of your mind chatter and be still? Just be, only creative day dreaming allowed! In this stillness your heart centre will awaken and start to guide you showing you via attraction what you need. If it takes time to show up, then time is what is needed, so keep practising love, peace and stillness and I guarantee it’s a much nicer place to be.

P.S. The picture is a little sign I have sitting on my book shelf in my office, I have kept it there to remind me to stay true to myself, my dreams and my visions and when that gets tough I practice what I preach and I do some work on me and this always keeps me moving forward.

Love, light and hugs to you all….Julie Kay x