A wise message from a Buddha statue

25 Oct 2016 5:32 PMJulie Kay
A wise message from a Buddha statue

As I look out into my garden, which is my sacred little spot, I notice my Buddha statue. She has one hand held up, palm facing me, and the other placed gently on her knee, she is calm and serene and to me her message is clear, she is reminding me to stop.

We are always so busy, don’t you agree? If you have kids, a business, work or help your family and friends, you know what I am talking about. So, when do you take time for you? When do you tell yourself to stop and connect to peace?

This is so important for our spirit, which is what I believe this famous Buddha pose is telling us, STOP, sit, be quiet, just breathe and take a few moments. If you can look at nature or something beautiful even better. Nature reminds us that beauty and purity and peace do exist around us. Even the potted plant on your desk or in your home is bringing natures gift to you, if we take a moment to connect and enjoy it.

The benefit of taking this time is that you create a space for many different soul hugging reasons, you may get some inner guidance, you may gain perspective on an issue, you get to bring yourself back to balance and calm but most importantly; you get to honour you.

5-10 mins a day can make a huge difference to your life and that isn’t much of your time. If you do this on a regular basis you will see that you will start to become clearer and calmer.

I have a feeling that for many, it isn’t really a time thing, I believe for many it’s a value thing. We tend to place more time value on getting things done and being there for everyone else, rather than our own balance and health. The reality is, we will always get more done and can give more when we are healthier, happier and in balance. And, you will never ever really finish because life is perpetual a never-ending cycle of doing and learning, the best we can do is to make sure we enjoy the journey. Do you agree?