Marryanne Brisbane Unlock Your Love Code

27 Feb 2015

Marryanne Brisbane Unlock Your Love Code

Dear Julie, When we crossed paths 7 years ago, I was going through the most traumatic time of my life. Coping with divorce turned out to be harder than I thought, after 20 years of marriage. I hit rock bottom, BIG TIME!!! No anti-depressant drug could numb my pain.

After a healing session with you, I Started to feel that all was not lost, I was still alive and I had everything to live for. Over the next few weeks and months, your healing and guidance gave me hope and I started coming out of my depression.

I no longer needed antidepressants, I just needed to surround myself with love and learn to love myself! I loved all your work shops, and our regular readings, which are always amazingly accurate. Your 'Attitudes For Love' Made a HUGE difference to me and my kids, who also suffered my pain.

I have now been in my new relationship for 4 years, and there is always new challenges with any new relationship, I still look for your guidance, and this time it came in the form of your Unlock Your Love Code Online Program, not only did I benefit from your guidance, but it also allowed the people that surrounded me to change as well.

When you learn to love yourself and open your heart, and accept that everyone has their own lesson to learn, you stop taking everything so personally, if you surround a situation with love ...only love will come back to you. Thank you Julie, you are always there for me. X Marryanne. Gold Coast